Strong as an X-Man (or Woman)

Dropping a fun, full-body CORE SCORCHER for you today for #workoutwednesday

The X-Man bag drag is an excellent way to challenge the core not only by forcing the body to create full-body tension for stability, but to also train anti-flexion, anti-lateral flexion, and anti-rotation of the spine.

Because, believe it or not, our core's PRIMARY function is not to do Sit-Ups, V-Ups, Bicycle Crunches, Russian Twists and the like - but to actually resist those actions to protect the spine.

So when you hear you need to be doing more core work to protect your spine, getting down on the ground to rep out sit-ups and crunches is NOT the answer, in fact it's actually putting your spine in a precarious position. Instead, we train the core to build more strength and, more importantly, STABILITY through:

  • anti-flexion (resisting bending the spine forward)

  • anti-lateral flexion (resisting bending the spine side to side)

  • anti-rotation (resisting twisting action)

I've got a video below for you breaking down how to perform the dragging action of the

X-Man Bag Drag in it's proper regression, the Quadruped X-Man Bag Drag.

(For the full plank progression, refer to the video above but use the same dragging action outlined in this video below!)

Quadruped X-Man Bag Drag

Some EXTRA reminders & notes for the X-Man Bag Drag

  • If the full plank feels too intimidating or wobbly, drop the knees and perform the drag pattern in the quadruped position

  • If you’re taking the full plank option, keep your feet wide and balls of the feet pressing down into the ground and heels pressing back. Do not allow the hips to wobble side to side. We are trying to RESIST that action

  • Keep the shoulder packed down into the torso and the arms fairly straight. If you’re feeling it in your shoulders and elbows and arm joints more than in the belly and lats, check the shoulders and the hand pressing down into the ground

  • The slower you go, the better (and harder) it will be. The goal is to really create friction with the floor and maintain the full-body tension throughout. Pull and push the bag slowly and allow yourself to experience all the feels.

If you give this bad-boy a try, let me know how it goes!!

Have a sweaty & strong Wednesday friends!!

Coach Lina

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