#WorkoutWednesday Series 1

Hey girl hey it's #workoutwednesday and each week, I'm going to bringing to you some of my favorite workouts, regressions & progressions, exercises - basically anything that's workout related, I'm gonna bring to yah on Wednesdays!

Today's post is all about the workout I did today. What did I focus on?:





The following 3 movements I performed as a 15/45 circuit. 15 seconds of work, 45 seconds of rest for 5 rounds.

Now let's get into the deets:


This is an advanced exercise and incorporates the hip hinge with rotation. Though an incredible exercise in its own right – DON’T START HERE! Using the DVRT system, I encourage you to start with setting a strong foundation of first nailing your hip hinge, then learning proper rotation. Why? Because as DVRT Master Cory Cripe wrote, “learning to rotate from the hips and not twist from the waist is going to set you up for success for shoveling and any other rotational exercise/movement thrown your way!”


This is one of my FAVORITE power progressions in the frontal plane. The combination of coordination, power, strength, and timing needed to execute this exercise is a recipe for building strength and power AND it makes me feel like a total bada$$ SINGLE ARM OH KB PRESS WITH ROTATION

Think this is just a spinny shoulder press? Think again! When we learn to use the feet, the grip, the hips, and dial into the glutes, lats, and core – what once felt like just an isolated shoulder effort because a total body party of connection and integration. This simple circuit today that only took me (once warmed up properly) 20 minutes to complete was the perfect dose of all the things my body needs to be better. Are you ready to leave your workouts feeling energized, stronger, ready to face your real-life ahead of you? Do you want to improve your core strength & connection – build legit strength, and improve your power and speed? Then CLICK HERE and sign-up for a complimentary call with me to chat all about YOU!

Your goals, your struggles, your aches & pains, the obstacles in your way – whatever it is. Let's connect and discuss how to take your training to the next level friend, cuz I’m here for you!

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