Train Your Obliques The Right Way!

Last week, I posted about the dangers of Russian Twisting, C-Curving, and Bicycle Crunching. The Cliff Notes version of that story is that those movements are tuuurible for your spine and that there are much better ways to train yo' core without compromising the spine. (WATCH THAT VIDEO HERE)

Give this Side Plank ISO Hold a try to actually train that core the way it was intended to be trained. Get all the feels and actually STRENGTHEN YOUR SPINE (instead of putting it in a potentially risky situation)

Movement Points:

1) Don't stack your feet! It's best to put the top foot in front to remove axial loading of the spine

2) REALLY press your whole forearm into the ground, not just at the elbow joint and make sure the elbow is aligned directly below the shoulder

3) With the ISO Kettlebell hold, make sure your elbow is wrapping back, not pointing toward the ceiling. We want to feel this in the LATS, not the shoulder.

4) Though this move can feel pretty stationary, you should really be driving into the ground with the forearm and pressing with the foot the whole time

5) Don't let your hips rotate backwards, keep them stacked vertically one right on top of the other - another benefit of the top foot in front of the back one

6) To modify, drop the bottom knee to the ground

7) Aim to hold for 10 to 30 seconds. If you can go longer, grab a heavier bell or progress the exercise to the next level!

Want To See More Side Plank Progressions To Build A Functionally Strong Core?

Checkout my buddy, DVRT Master Trainer Cory's video demos below

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