MORE isn't better - BETTER is Better!

If fat-loss, leaner physique, being lighter on your feet, is one of your goals and if finding time for your physical fitness is an issue for you, let's chat about how your Hardio Cardio is actually stalling your fat-loss efforts and probably slowing down your metabolism

Yah heard me right!

All the running, spinning, stair mastering, you’re doing in hopes of achieving that lean physique is not doing you much good! In fact – the research has shown that those who either (a) dieted only, or (b) performed aerobics only, lost the same amount of weight - and spoiler alert - it wasn't that much!!

So It’s finally time to ditch the cardio and pick-up the weights.

Watch the video below to learn why the cardio ain't helpin' you "tone your bod" and what you should be doing instead!

#strengthen #thrive #fitness #resistancetraining

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