ARE YOU AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT IN YOUR LIFE,  or are you wasting time hanging out on the sidelines?

I wasn't always as comfortable in front of the camera as I am in this pic above. In fact, I wasn't this comfortable in a bikini - camera or not - for the longest time!

I spent ages 19-23 hiding from the camera, which is ironic because I was also in NYC part of that time studying film acting. But in that time, I hated how I looked (and felt) and so I would find any excuse to stay out of the pictures, to dismiss myself from audition call-backs (before anyone else could tell me no), and promising myself that once I lost the weight, once I got fit, once the diet worked, I’d step full-force back into the spotlight of my life. 

Guess what? 

The belief that, "first I must "X" before I can be happy/confident/etc." is a bunch of BS! This fixed mindset kept me from joy. The false belief that I had to be a certain weight, size, achievement status robbed me of so many experiences in my early 20s. 

At a critical moment in my mid-20s I realized that I’d been sitting on the sidelines of my life, missing out on all the real fun, and playing the victim for waaay too long. I had done the fasts, the cleanses, the hard AF workouts. I did the bingeing, the feeling sorry for myself, the self-loathing. I did the meal delivery services, the restrictive dieting - gosh I even tried hypnosis, acupuncture, body wraps. I'd go all-in on something crazy and inevitably I'd fall off the wagon and be back to my old, victim, fade into the background ways.

So you know what I finally did?

I called myself off the bench. I stopped allowing myself to sit on the sidelines daydreaming about the "perfect future" any longer. I stopped giving into the temptation to blame everyone and everything for my previous failures. I stopped giving in to the negative self-talk that was forcing me to play small in my life. 

I stopped all the small-time nonsense and started to act as the woman I aspired to become.

I acted with confidence, I forced myself to do the things I wanted to do, even if I was afraid. Each day I chose to show-up as the best version of myself even if I didn’t feel like I’d lived up to that potential yet. Each day when the negative thoughts in my head kept trying to push me down, I'd JUDO FLIP them around and kept moving myself forward! I wasn't an overnight success - but over time and with lots of persistence, determination and grit, I found myself back in the picture, back in the game, back to being the heroine of my life experience.

You see,

I began to understand that success wasn't a destination, it was a never-ending process.

My beautiful friend, YOU are not the victim either. You too can be the hero of your own story - the leading lady in every scene.

And you know what? You don't have to wait until "X" happens to own your power.

If you want more from your life - you’ve got to step into the role and show up with passion and consistency every dang day. You’ve got to believe in your bones that you are worthy. 

SO STOP waiting to lose 5 more pounds before you’re finally happy       

STOP picking yourself apart in every photo and in every mirror      

STOP holding yourself back from becoming the magnificent woman you already are.

It's time to START taking action!

CLICK HERE and sign up for your totally FREE, "Find Your Fit" Call with me - and let's get you clear on a fitness and wellness strategy that makes sense for you!

Yours in Sweat & Smiles,


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