An Egg-cellent Break(the)fast

Let me start by saying that although I really enjoy cooking, I'm by no means a chef or a master recipe creator or anything of the sort. Let me also follow the previous statement up by making it clear that I REALLY enjoy food.

Over the past few weeks, our home has been transitioning to a Bulletproof style of eating. What does that mean? Well, essentially it's higher healthy fats, moderate protein, and some carbs. But it's also a lot more than that. It's a way of eating that really prioritizes nutrient dense foods in a cyclical way (so we aren't maintaining low carb for too long which tends to affect women more adversely and is not great for the thyroid), and is relatively easy to begin and maintain - at least for us as we've been eating "clean" for a good amount of time now.

Currently, I follow my own advice that I posted HERE, and stop eating a minimum of 3 hours before bed. From there, I end up fasting from dinner to my break-fast for about 16-18 hours depending on how I'm feeling that day or what I have planned.

I promise to keep taking you on my Bulletproof journey, but for today, I just wanted to share the meal I ate today at 12pm to break my 18 hour fast.

NOTE: I do Bulletproof style TRE (time restricted eating) which means that in the morning, I do consume a Bulletproof Coffee. Because this coffee is devoid of protein or carbs, it allows me to continue the metabolic fast and waiting then until 12pm to eat is often incredibly easy.

But whether you choose to follow Bulletproof or not, fast or not, this breakfast, or Break-the-fast recipe was easy and delicious so I hope you give it a try!



  • 2-3 Pastured Eggs

  • Sautéed Spinach

  • 1/2 - 1 Whole Avocado

  • Sauerkraut

  • Chopped Fresh Cilantro

  • Hot Sauce

  • Grass Fed Butter

  • Salt to Taste

Make It

All I did was sauté the eggs and spinach in a pan (on low heat) with grass fed butter. At the bottom of the bowl I layered sauerkraut (that I bought at the store) and mixed in the eggs & spinach. Chopped up the avocado and cilantro and then drizzled it all with hot sauce.

This delicious Break-the-Fast meal with definitely hold me over until dinner time tonight!

Good, delicious, healthy, cooking doesn't have to be complicated! You've just got to have the building blocks - eggs, butter, greens, sauerkraut, etc. - on hand, and then make it all work in a big bowl.

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