There Are No Neutral Choices

What would it look like for you to change just 1% of your daily habits, behaviors or thoughts?

What's the impact of 1% change?

If you were flying an airplane and you flew off course by just 1%, there is a great chance you'd end up on another continent, let alone in the place you intended to be.

The same thing goes for your health habits. If you change just 1% of your behavior, it can add up to big results.

In The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson, he writes about just this: there are no neutral choices in life. Every choice you make every day puts you on the curve of achieving your goals and finding success or further from the goal.

Change, at the start, can feel a bit uncomfortable because it forces us to move beyond our comfort zone. But as James Clear, another excellent author who discusses this concept in his book, Atomic Habits wrote recently: "Many people delay taking action because they hope to avoid suffering. They keep searching for a path that won’t involve tradeoffs. But some form of suffering is always inevitable. The process of taking action is the process of choosing your pain."

The beauty of 1% is that it's a fairly low amount of pain that will begin to snowball and pay massive dividends.

So what does 1% change look like?

It could be sleeping 1% longer each night (just a few minutes), eating half the cookie instead of the entire thing, adding 1 minute of high intensity to the end of your workout, reading for the time equivalent to 1% of your day.

Once the 1% becomes a habit, you add another 1% change, and another...

Soon you've changed your entire life by 1%. You're living a bigger, more vibrant, more inspired life!

It's the things that are easy to do but also easy not to do that make all the difference.

I'd love to know what 1% change you could commit to making today!

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To Your Success,

Coach Lina

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